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2019 Alumni Congress

I ALUMNI CONGRESS MASTER IN CLASSICAL GUITAR 2013-2019 ALICANTE NOVEMBER 7th to 10TH, 2019 It is with pleasure and excitement that we invite you to attend the 1st Congress of Alumni of the Master in Classical Guitar Performance, University of Alicante in Alicante on November 7-10, 2019. We truly hope that all alumni throughout the [...]

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2019 Classical Guitar Magazine

Visit to Alicante of a group of American tourists who love guitar organized by Classical Guitar Magazine. We organize many special activities for them. They participated as listeners in a flamenco guitar seminar offered by guitarist Cañizares and also attended his concert at the ADDA Auditorium. They visited the Portalet Palace where they were [...]

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2019 Closing Ceremony

On Saturday June 29 at 7:00 pm the closing ceremony and delivery of diplomas of the VII Master in Classical Guitar Performance of the University of Alicante takes place. An emotional and exciting ceremony that began with a speech by our director Óscar Santacreu  and our academic director Ignacio Rodes. Throughout this course, 24 [...]

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2019 IGNACIO RODES Chamber Music Course

During the Siventh Edition of the Master in Classical Guitar Performance, 2019, University of Alicante, Ignacio Rodes  gave a course on Chamber Music. The repertoire is based in a free selection. All students will be part of  duets, trios, quartets at the beginning of the master. The Ignacio Rodes' Course was given [...]

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2019 CD Recording

Master Studies in Classical Guitar Performance include a Master Thesis, this thesis should include the following sections: Making an unpublished transcription for solo guitar, with a maximum duration of ten minutes. Recording such transcription. Explanation of the researching process in writing, in which should appear as the most important point the justification of the instrumental [...]

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2019 Concierto de Aranjuez

This year 2019 we have been able to organize a concert with an orchestra performed by several students of the Guitar Master. The concert took place at the Teatro de Monóvar with the  Orquesta Sinfónica Ciudad de Elche conducted by its principal conductor  Mihnea Ignat, on Sunday, May 19. Three students of the [...]

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El Máster en Interpretación de Guitarra Clásica de la Universidad de Alicante se desarrolla en Alicante entre los meses de enero a junio. Es una experiencia completamente novedosa que ofrece a 14 guitarristas la oportunidad única de perfeccionar sus conocimientos y práctica del instrumento de la mano de un Colegio de profesores seleccionados entre los más reputados virtuosos del mundo: Manuel BARRUECO, David RUSSELL, Pepe ROMERO, Sergio y Odair ASSAD, Jordi SAVALL, Ignacio RODES, Xavier DÍAZ LATORRE, Ricardo GALLÉN, Paul GALBRAITH, el neurocientífico Víctor CANDIA y el director de orquesta Mihnea IGNAT.


The University of Alicante organizes the Master in Classical Guitar Performance from January to June. This master is a completely new experience offered to 14 guitarists, a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and practice of the instrument with professors selected from the most renowned virtuosi in the world, Manuel BARRUECO, David RUSSELL, Pepe ROMERO, Jordi SAVALL, Ignacio RODES, Sergio & Odair ASSAD, Xavier DIAZ LATORRE, Ricardo GALLÉN, Paul GALBRAITH, neuroscientist Víctor CANDIA and conductor Mihnea IGNAT.