Visit to Alicante of a group of American tourists who love guitar organized by Classical Guitar Magazine. We organize many special activities for them.

They participated as listeners in a flamenco guitar seminar offered by guitarist Cañizares and also attended his concert at the ADDA Auditorium.

They visited the Portalet Palace where they were shown the documentary “The Cathedral of the 6 Strings” produced by the Diputación de Alicante.

Another of the events organized was a private guitar recital at the Palacio del Portalet. First, Evan Taucher played, he is North American student of the Master In Classical Guitar Performance. Trivium Trio formed by Ignacio Rodes (director of the Master), Paola Requena and Isabel Martínez closed the concert.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Alicante.

Thanks Classical Guitar Magazine!