The classical guitar or Spanish guitar has had, for five centuries, a very intense relationship with the Spanish part of the Mediterranean Sea. This relationship has been particularly noticeable in Alicante from the nineteenth century up to the present, being the land where important guitarists and teachers were born or established themselves.

Testimony of this legacy are guitarists and institutions that are part of the history of the classical guitar such as Trinidad Huerta, Francisco Tárrega, la Orquesta Wagneriana de Alicante, Quintín Esquembre, José Tomás and José Luis González.

In recent decades, festivals and events dedicated to the guitar have taken place in the province of Alicante with extraordinary international impact, and students from all over the world come to Alicante to study guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Oscar Esplá”.

Convinced that the classical guitar deserves to be on the highest level among the musical instruments, the University of Alicante organizes the Master in Classical Guitar Performance from January to June, in collaboration with the Alicante Town Hall and with the enthusiastic participation of a large number of people who love the guitar.

This master is a completely new experience offered to graduates and professional guitarists, a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and practice of the instrument with professors selected from the most renowned virtuosi in the world.