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Student Residence: San Roque

Master students have the opportunity of living in a historic building – San Roque – located in the very heart of Alicante for a low monthly rental price about EUR 140-260 all inclusive.

It is located in the upper side of the old town, on the slopes of Monte Benacantil, adjoins the Ereta Public Park and 700m. walking to the beach.
Spacious shared areas, sea views, full equipment kitchen, living room with TV, DVD, laundry, free WI-FI, terrace, water, electricity, heating, cleaning service and maintenance included.


The building was renovated exclusively for the Master students and is not only a residency, but a center for the students of the Master.

Residencia San Roque. Click

During the Masters course, the students all live together. The accommodation in the historic San Roque building, which has been completely renovated; it has a view over Alicante to the Mediterranean Sea, and is just a short walk from the San Nicolás Cathedral and the centre of Alicante. The students have their own bedrooms but share the kitchen and living areas. I visited San Roque and was offered an excellent cup of Italian coffee by the students. They told me that they were very comfortable living there and that they were all very happy together. This offers them the unique opportunity to talk and play for each other, to discuss their approaches to playing. They each come from such different backgrounds, and they are all dedicated to learning more and playing the guitar better. What is more, the accommodation is very inexpensive. Every aspect of living has been organised for the Masters course, so that the students only need to focus on their studies.
Therese Wassily Saba, journalist


  • 100 Eur: Application fee
  • 8.000 Eur: Tuition fee
  • 32 Eur: Administrative fee
  • 212 Eur: Diploma issue fee

Living Costs (monthly)

  • 140-260 Eur: Rental price of student residence “San Roque”
  • Transport. You can go walking from residence to classrooms.
    Transport to the halls where the student concerts are held is provided by the organization of the master for free.

  • Plus your personal expenses: travel, utility bills, food, etc.


El Máster en Interpretación de Guitarra Clásica de la Universidad de Alicante se desarrolla en Alicante entre los meses de enero a junio. Es una experiencia completamente novedosa que ofrece a 14 guitarristas la oportunidad única de perfeccionar sus conocimientos y práctica del instrumento de la mano de un Colegio de profesores seleccionados entre los más reputados virtuosos del mundo: Manuel BARRUECO, David RUSSELL, Pepe ROMERO, Sergio y Odair ASSAD, Jordi SAVALL, Ignacio RODES, Xavier DÍAZ LATORRE, Ricardo GALLÉN, Paul GALBRAITH, el neurocientífico Víctor CANDIA y el director de orquesta Mihnea IGNAT.


The University of Alicante organizes the Master in Classical Guitar Performance from January to June. This master is a completely new experience offered to 14 guitarists, a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and practice of the instrument with professors selected from the most renowned virtuosi in the world, Manuel BARRUECO, David RUSSELL, Pepe ROMERO, Jordi SAVALL, Ignacio RODES, Sergio & Odair ASSAD, Xavier DIAZ LATORRE, Ricardo GALLÉN, Paul GALBRAITH, neuroscientist Víctor CANDIA and conductor Mihnea IGNAT.