To provide training focused on the interpretation of the guitar repertoire through one-to-one and group lessons taught by top virtuosi.

To develop technical procedures that allow mastery of the instrument.

To acquire a wide musical knowledge and to enable the application of appropriate instrumental resources.

Spanish Courses

Students whose native language is not Spanish may continue intensive Spanish courses, in such a way as to ensure that at the end of the master, their Spanish skills enable them to cope professionally in a language spoken by over five hundred million people.


2018 Students must be in Alicante on Friday January 12th, 2018 for a planning meeting and opening ceremony.

Master will finish on June 30th, closing ceremony and handling diplomas.


このコースのプログラムは幅広く, which the students are expected to play in their masterclasses.

Courses on solo guitar performance and technique




Regarding the repertoire you’ll be playing during the course, you may choose works or movements from them based on a free election, although you may have noticed that each professor gives his class attending a specific content.

Course of neuroscience and physiology in the instrumental practice

A weekly course (23 hours) about the physiological aspects involved in instrumental performance, stress and emotions and their influence on instrumental practice.

It’s divided into two modules: each students will have a 45 minutes one-to-one lesson and 12 hours of theoretical classes.

Master Thesis

This work constitutes an autonomous and personal task of the student. The work will be supervised by a teacher and, in accordance with the rules it will be presented and defended in an academic tribunal. The thesis should include the following sections:

  1. Making an unpublished transcription for solo guitar, with a maximum duration of ten minutes.
  2.  Recording such transcription.
  3. Explanation of the researching process in writing, in which should appear as the most important point the justification of the instrumental suitability of the chosen work.This section should follow the usual procedure of university academic papers, exposing the interpretive concept or concepts that have been used for the development of the work. Personal reflections about the work transcribed must also be included.


Chamber Music Course

A weekly course (14 hours) about the works for guitar in chamber music.

The repertoire is based in a free selection. All students will be part of  duets, trios, quartets and will attend to a chamber music recital at the end of the master.

Course of performance and conducting practice


A weekly course (12 hours) about the guitar as a soloist instrument and its integration in the orchestra. Practice of rehearsal.

Piano accompanist.

スチューデント リサイタル


The master is so intense, that there is no time to learn new repertoire while you are doing the course; all of the repertoire to be played during the six months of masterclasses must be already prepared.